Our Story


Finding the flicker of possibility in a humble yet miracle material…

We are Bret & Ethan, friends for over 20 years going back even before we worked together at Target’s Minneapolis headquarters. In May 2019, we gathered with several former colleagues to celebrate the wedding of our sustainably minded friend Elisha whose stylish wedding table décor leaned vintage and recycled, down to the placeholders she made by repurposing Champagne and wine corks. As the dancing wound down and everyone wished these newlyweds well, we noticed all the cork left behind. Not knowing what we would do with it, we asked to take some home.

Days later, burning a standard, store bought candle, we wondered: could cork somehow replace the traditional wick? That simple question set us on a quest to build a better candle. Sourcing only from nature, we committed to make ours organic, WITH SOUL AND WITHOUT WASTE. 

Curious about cork, we began by doing our homework. This eco-friendly, biodegradable material regenerates every nine years. Farmers then strip off the bark from the cork oak tree, carefully so their tree is not damaged. To be doubly sustainable, we work with liquor stores and distributors to upcycle their bottle corks to become Be|Lumos's singular wicks.

Learning about the booming candle market, on the other hand, left us stunned. We felt even more motivated to create a healthier alternative to this ubiquitous product that often invades our homes with toxic chemicals and pollutants harmful to humans.

You could say that out of one love story (yes, Elisha & Marc are thriving) emerged another.

Starting with our hypoallergenic, low emission and upcycled cork wicks, we added high-grade organic coconut-soy wax, sustainably harvested mica and premium essential oils. We even encase each candle in a reusable, food grade vessel made of borosilicate glass, the safest on the market. Yet this story really centers on our hero, the sublime, sculptural flame produced by our patent pending cork wick. Get ready for a totally different burn experience as our flame metamorphoses in intensity and shape, from moment to moment, captivating, calming and even inspiring as it dances.

It took thousands of hours over more than three years, not to mention more than a few smoke alarm sirens set off along the way but now we are proud to introduce quite possibly the first significant innovation in the scented candle in recent times…

Be|Lumos: Be = exist, thrive. Lumos = light (in Latin).

From our earliest experiments with those wedding corks, we envisioned creating a great candle at a fair price. Credit our formative years at Target, aka Targé, for prompting us to ask why should something have to cost a lot to make us feel exceptional? Offering the most luxurious candle at the most accessible price made sense to us, because we believe that everyone deserves comfort.

By this, we truly mean everyone.

Dear to our hearts is Be|Lumos's mission to bring comfort to our customers and to others in need. Imbuing our candles with this sense of purpose feels as important to us as each all-natural ingredient. Donating 30% of our profits to mental health support services means that your Be|Lumos candle not only improves the quality of your day, but also helps to transform lives.


“We believe everyone deserves comfort”

Donating 30% of our profits to mental health support services means that your Be|Lumos candle not only improves the quality of your day, but also helps to transform lives.

Ethan & Bret

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Creative Director

Brittan Humes is a 3D Product Designer. Her passions are consumer trends within the home and fashion industries. She believes good design should be simple, not overly difficult to envision or bring to life.. The best solutions start small with one idea and solve problems during the development process.  www.behproductdesigns.com


Website Developer

Michael Hixson is an accomplished, results-oriented, data driven professional with 16 years of experience in e-commerce strategy, website design, digital marketing, and e-commerce marketplaces. Proven abilities in generating increased revenues and widening brand exposure for multiple brands.



Carey Haider creates emotion through a vast body of work in touch with Americana, youth, rebellion, and the aftermath. "The photography I capture is an extension of life expressed by its subjects and surroundings." Like an oil painter's landscape, Haider chooses to preserve a moment in time that creates a narrative to influence the imagination.



Jason Lesser is a musician, composer, and record producer based in the Bay Area. He specializes in minimal classical combined with electronic music and unconventional treatments of voice and instruments. In addition to his solo work, Jason has scored an extensive catalog of music for film and television. 


Copy Editor

Cynthia Rosenfeld has been a contributor to Condé Nast Traveler since 2001, and writes regularly for publications in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, covering all that is compelling across contemporary culture, fashion, architecture, design, and travel. 


Patent Lawyer

John Buckert has been practicing Intellectual Property law for over 22 years and founded his law firm in 2012. He is a registered patent attorney and an experienced electrical engineer and software engineer. He previously practiced law at a large full-service law firm, a large IP Boutique firm, and, at Fortune 100 company as an in-house Intellectual Property law attorney. https://buckertlawfirm.com/john-f-buckert/


Trademark Lawyer

Liz Oliner specializes in navigating the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and has helped hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs register federal trademarks and protect their brands in the US and internationally. Liz has a B.A. in English literature from Yale University and a J.D. from Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.  https://www.olinerlaw.com


Company Counsel

Allison Surowitz supports small businesses launch their dreams and maintain their businesses by serving as outside company counsel. She creates custom tailored agreements and crafts organizational documents unique to each business. Allison has been a great resource as we’ve worked through our ownership documents, third-party agreements, and other legal matters along the way.  https://surowitzlaw.com/allison-surowitz/