Why a Cork Wick?

Beauty, sustainability, and wellness from the first all-natural, ground cork-based wicks available in a candle for home use

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Non Toxic

Cork is non-carcinogenic, and produces less emissions than traditional wood wicks.

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Cork trees, unlike other trees, soak up climate warming carbon emissions. Using cork saves trees as cork bark can be harvested up to 15 times before the whole tree is harvested.

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Cork is ideal for people with allergies because, it will not absorb dust.

Why a Borosilicate Glass Vessel?

The safest and purest glass we could find, especially compared to the traditional (soda lime) glass used in most candles

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Withstands heat up to 340 degrees Fahrenheit, making it far superior to 90% of manufactured glass. Highly resistant to thermal shock: withstands sudden temperature changes without cracking or breaking.

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Borosilicate glass is composed of all natural materials - completely free of BPA, lead and other harmful chemicals. This type of glass does not leach, making it superior for reuse, and is highly transparent, allowing for clear visibility of the contents inside. Non-porous means that it remains clear and soot free during candle use.

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This material is much less likely to crack when dropped or exposed to heat compared to the traditional glass used in most candle making. Its non-porous nature makes it very easy to clean and re-use.

Why Wabi-Sabi?

Be|Lumos candles are individually handcrafted in CA and AZ with loving care and attention, and with Wabi-Sabi as inspiration. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept that emphasizes the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and the natural cycle of growth and decay. It is often described as a celebration of the simple, unpretentious, and understated beauty that can be found in everyday objects and experiences.

Every element of the candle - the upcycled cork wick formulated with all natural materials, the premium coconut soy wax, the high grade borosilicate glass, and the natural essential oils - was carefully selected to promote an experience that is safe, environmentally responsible, and memorable. As a result of this, each candle is slightly different. We find this to be a part of the beauty of these candles, and hope you do too.

Hand Crafted Cork Wicks

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Our wicks are the product of 3 years of research and development to create a beautiful, dancing, flame from an upcycled, cork based wick that minimizes smoke and other emissions. The candles perform differently than traditional candles and are best experienced by following the instructions on the Use & Safety page. As each wick is hand crafted in small batches, they are all slightly different.

Wax Patterns

The premium wax is more likely to produce variation across the surface. This is known as frosting. This creates a marbleized effect across the wax that is unique to each candle and adds additional interest and beauty to the experience.

Mica: Natural Luminescence

Instead of artificial dyes, our candles are tinted by natural mica. This creates a natural luminescence to the wax as the candle burns that is ever-changing, beautiful, and mesmerizing.

Cork Wicks: An Everchanging Experience

As our wicks burn down, they usually require trimming between uses. See Use & Safety page to maintain the best burn. Sometimes charred bits of the wick can enter the wax. This may change the color of the wax to have shades or streaks of black, especially towards the end of the candle life. This is a normal part of the dynamic Be|Lumos experience.